Since my childhood I was hypnotized by different kinds of art. My great-grand parents lived close to us and they had a couple of small ceramic figurines, horses and deer, standing on a shelf in their living room. I, as a little child, always wanted to go to them, just to hold those ceramic figurines in my hands for a little bit. When I was holding them, I didn’t need anything else.

I started to sculpt from a very young age. Now, I would like to show what my passion for art is. I am exploring and searching where this irresistible urge to create comes from, to see beauty in everything; nature, people, animals and plants.
Aesthetic emotions are a part of me, like one of the 5 senses. I am joining many and many people who appreciate beauty and create. In my lifetime, I saw endless numbers of expressions from very talented people. Now talking of myself, I can’t not do art, because I am an artist.

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Andreas Huebert